MAGA Misses the Eurasia Train

While China and Russia solidify their economic and political alliance, the U.S. is missing an historic chance to join a multilateral world, clinging instead to military empire. by Pepe Escobar Consortium News Feb 4, 2019 We should know by now that the heart of the 21stCentury Great Game is the myriad layers of the battle … Continue reading MAGA Misses the Eurasia Train

Goodbye to the Dollar

by Chris Hedges TruthDig Feb 4, 2019 The inept and corrupt presidency of Donald Trump unwittingly triggered the fatal blow to the American empire—the abandonment of the dollar as the world’s principal reserve currency. Nations around the globe, especially in Europe, lost confidence in the United States to act rationally (much less lead) in issues … Continue reading Goodbye to the Dollar

Washington Resurrected the Arms Race

by Paul Craig Roberts Feb 1, 2019 The meetings in Beijing during January 30-31 between Washington, Russia, China, France, and the UK apparently failed to preserve the commitment to prohibit intermediate range nuclear weapons. Washington stuck to its determination to withdraw from the historic agreement of Reagan and Gorbachev to destroy all land-based intermediate range … Continue reading Washington Resurrected the Arms Race

Is the US Planning to Wage War on Russia and China?

The structure of military alliances; the evolving situation in the Middle East; a shift in geopolitical alliances; the global military agenda; review of wars since 2001; nonconventional hybrid warfare to undermine a country's financial structure; coalition of Turkey, Russia and Iran; Pakistan and India now a part of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; US withdrawal from … Continue reading Is the US Planning to Wage War on Russia and China?

US is Planning for War with Russia and China

by James O'Neill New Eastern Outlook Dec 22, 2018 Two recent reports from the United States strongly suggest the United States is planning a major war with Russia and China, but are far from certain that they could in fact succeed in such a war. The reports also provide insights into how the United States … Continue reading US is Planning for War with Russia and China

Revisionism American Style

by Christopher Black New Eastern Outlook   Dec 22, 2018 Calls by Canada’s National Defence Committee for increased “sanctions” that is, economic warfare, against Russia, and for an increased NATO presence in the Black Sea, directly threatening Russia’s southern flank and its Crimea territory, used the term “revisionist power” to describe Russia. This term has also been … Continue reading Revisionism American Style

New Cold War & Looming Threats

John Pilger, investigative journalist and documentary film-maker, talks about the U.S.’ aggression in the Asia-Pacific region and the decline of its global dominance and says that a “new Cold War beckons isolation for the U.S. and danger for the rest of us”. JIPSON JOHN AND JITHEESH P.M interview John Pilger  Frontline Dec 21, 2018 In this first … Continue reading New Cold War & Looming Threats