Evidence-based tips for teaching empathy in children

by Gwen Dewar Parenting Science Teaching empathy? Might sound strange if you think of empathy as an innate, fixed trait -- a talent that some people are born with, and others lack. But empathy isn't an all or nothing proposition. It isn't something that unfolds automatically, in every situation. It isn't even a single ability … Continue reading Evidence-based tips for teaching empathy in children

Lessons From Chomsky

Some things I’ve learned from his writings… by Nathan Robinson Current Affairs Dec 7, 2018 It has been 50 years since Noam Chomsky first became a major public figure in the United States, after publishing his essay “The Responsibility of Intellectuals,” which argued that American academics had failed in their core duty to responsibly inquire … Continue reading Lessons From Chomsky

What is Human Nature? Findings from Psychology

by Christian Jarrett British Psychological Society - Research Digest It’s a question that’s reverberated through the ages – are we humans, though imperfect, essentially kind, sensible, good-natured creatures? Or deep down are we wired to be bad, blinkered, idle, vain, vengeful and selfish? There are no easy answers and there’s clearly a lot of variation between individuals, … Continue reading What is Human Nature? Findings from Psychology

How to Destroy Neoliberalism: Kill ‘Homo Economicus’

Debunking the failed paradigm of traditional economics. By Nick Hanauer Evonomics Oct 13, 2018 the great attraction of humanism is not that it holds us to a higher standard, but that it asks us to hold ourselves to a higher standard. It’s relatively easy to do the right thing because of a looming reward or punishment—even in an afterlife. … Continue reading How to Destroy Neoliberalism: Kill ‘Homo Economicus’

Truthfulness vs Loyalty

by Steven Novella NeuroLogica Oct 1, 2018 How people make ethical decisions is a very interesting line of psychological research. Perhaps the most well-known study is the famous trolley experiment. It is a theoretical question, if you are at the controls of a switch that can change tracks, and a trolley is out of control and heading … Continue reading Truthfulness vs Loyalty