The Myth of America Meritocracy What happens when you pay two monkeys unequally? by Ron Unz American Conservative (PDF) edited by O Society Mar 21, 2019 Just before the Labor Day weekend, a front page New York Timesstory broke the news of the largest cheating scandal in Harvard University history, in which nearly half the students taking a … Continue reading The Myth of America Meritocracy

The Diamond-Water Paradox

written by Peter Clark Inverted Logic edited by O Society Mar 11, 2019 “…. 1. The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. 2. The material or monetary worth of something… ” [3]. The first definition of the term Value is more categorically aligned with a qualitative application of the … Continue reading The Diamond-Water Paradox

Do antidepressants actually work?

Depression is a very complex disorder and we simply have no good evidence antidepressants help sufferers improve by Jacob Stegenga Aeon Mar 5, 2019 Your grief and guilt overwhelm you. You are so tired you cannot think straight. Your simple joys are lost in an invisible agony. You have pain in your head and back and stomach, … Continue reading Do antidepressants actually work?

Colossal Fustercluck Bowl MMA Pay-per-View Match: Jordan Peterson v. Slavoj Žižek

  by O Society Mar 6, 2019 Announcement:  Debate Between Slavoj Žižek and Jordan Peterson set for April 19, 2019 in Toronto, Canada AAAargh! There are a couple of human beings who share our world I simply cannot listen to. What I mean is when they open their mouths, this symphony of noise comes out. … Continue reading Colossal Fustercluck Bowl MMA Pay-per-View Match: Jordan Peterson v. Slavoj Žižek

Collective Intelligence: Insurgency

How collective intelligence can change your world, right now. An open source toolkit for self and social transformation by Nafeez Ahmed Insurge Intelligence edited by O Society Mar 4, 2019 We face a convergence of escalating, interlinked crises. Every day, as these crises accelerate, the capacity to address them meaningfully seems to diminish. Not only are our legacy … Continue reading Collective Intelligence: Insurgency

Rebirth of the body politic

Individualism is not a sufficient foundation for social life: the image of the body politic reminds us that we are all one by Nick Romeo  Aeon Feb 26, 2019 After escaping an assassination attempt earlier that morning, Cicero entered the senate under armed guard. It was 7 November 63 BCE, and the Roman Republic hovered on the brink … Continue reading Rebirth of the body politic

Zones of Indeterminacy: Art, Body, and Politics in Daoist Thought

In ‘Zones of Indeterminacy: Art, Body and Politics in Daoist Thought’, Peng Yu foregrounds the concept of Xu from Zhuangzi’s philosophical writings, and relates this to questions about the political body. Xu refers to a Daoist notion of ambiguity, though it remains ambiguous as to how to fully define the term. The article explores its … Continue reading Zones of Indeterminacy: Art, Body, and Politics in Daoist Thought