Share Buybacks and the Contradictions of “Shareholder Capitalism”

by Julius Krein  American Affairs Dec 13, 2019 In the jargon of finance, America is suffering from a capital allocation problem. The country seems incapable of making the necessary investments to fuel future productivity and growth, or to ensure widespread prosperity. At the government level, public spending on basic research and development as well as … Continue reading Share Buybacks and the Contradictions of “Shareholder Capitalism”

Beyond Corporate Power

by Richard Moser Be Freedom Feb 8, 2019 The problem is not that the corporations are “out of control,” the problem is that the corporations are so much “in control.” By seeing neoliberalism as Free Market Fundamentalism (FMF) rather than Corporate Power we underestimate the challenges ahead. FMF does not help us to know what tactics … Continue reading Beyond Corporate Power

The Coming Fall Of The Super-Rich

by Rainer Shea  Revolution Dispatch Feb 5, 2019 Today’s super-rich are the most privileged and powerful group of people in history. If you’re a billionaire, you can usually decide an election by funneling a little bit of your money into the race. You can sway public opinion by buying up media outlets, and by using … Continue reading The Coming Fall Of The Super-Rich

Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be ‘Liberal’ Anymore?

by Nikil Saval New York Times July 5, 2017 ‘‘Liberal’’ has long been a dirty word to the American political right. It may be shortened, in the parlance of the Limbaugh Belt, to ‘‘libs,’’ or expanded to the offensive portmanteau ‘‘libtards.’’ But its target is always clear. For the people who use these epithets, liberals are, … Continue reading Hated by the Right. Mocked by the Left. Who Wants to Be ‘Liberal’ Anymore?

The Super Bowl is a showdown of America’s dueling values: commerce and conscience

Super Sunday is the biggest promotion of capitalism in the world. But is there any room left for social conscience? by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Guardian Feb 3, 2019 The Super Bowl is a three-way bare-knuckle brawl between the perpetually dueling American values of competition, commerce and conscience. Photograph: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images Let Them Eat Pigskin This year’s … Continue reading The Super Bowl is a showdown of America’s dueling values: commerce and conscience

Neoliberalism and its Discontents

"Capital and the capital form of money will be viewed as phenomena with intrinsically religious qualities, which take the place of religion in modern societies." (header image: paper as PDF) by Frank Lee Off Guardian Jan 27, 2019 Pure economics is not a theory of real-world economics, of actually-existing capitalism, but of an imaginary capitalism.” Samir Amin, The Liberal … Continue reading Neoliberalism and its Discontents

Discipline Will Remain…or Will It?

by William Hawes Jan 21, 2019 Last October, Philip Hammond, the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the annual federal budget speech to the UK Parliament, said this: “Austerity is coming to an end, but discipline will remain.” Talk about Orwellian doublespeak. The truth about austerity is it is a means of social control, or … Continue reading Discipline Will Remain…or Will It?