Why is Trump a Threat?

Why is Trump a Threat? How is He Any Different? by O Society on September 23, 2018 This morning, a wonderful question was asked by a person called Anastasia over on ConsortiumNews: "Why do they consider Trump such a threat since he IS truly doing everything that the deep-staters and the neo-cons want and is doing … Continue reading Why is Trump a Threat?

The Neoliberal Order is Dying. Time to Wake Up

by Jonathan Cook   20 September 2018 In the last piece, I argued power in our societies resides in structure, ideology, and narratives – supporting what we might loosely term our current “neoliberal order” – rather than in individuals. Significantly, our political and media classes, who are of course deeply embedded in this neoliberal structure, are … Continue reading The Neoliberal Order is Dying. Time to Wake Up

Why We’re Blind to the System Destroying Us

Why we’re blind to the system destroying us by Jonathan Cook 15 September 2018   I rarely tell readers what they should believe. Rather I try to indicate why it might be wise to distrust, at least without very good evidence, what those in power tell us we should believe. We have well-known sayings about … Continue reading Why We’re Blind to the System Destroying Us

Trump’s Economy Is on a Path

Someone recently asked about the economy; namely, who to praise and who to blame. Republicans? Democrats? Trump? Obama? Who you got? First off, I am not an economist. Typically, I defer to eonomists who seem to give a damn about the average person. Because I am an average person. Second, I don't really do politics … Continue reading Trump’s Economy Is on a Path

Self-help in the “Age of Responsibility’ Denies Unequal Realities

Contemporary self-help teachings are attractive because they assure us we are the makers of our own destiny. They preach that we have within us the power to change our lives for the better, even to make ourselves anew. Self-help thought leaders, from Tony Robbins to "spiritual gurus" like Robin Sharma and Deepak Chopra, ask us … Continue reading Self-help in the “Age of Responsibility’ Denies Unequal Realities

Neoliberalism Expressed as Simple Rules

What is neoliberalism? Neoliberalism (aka, The Washington Consensus) is the dominant ideology of the political class in Washington DC, shared by both legacy parties. Neoliberalism Expressed as Simple Rules Lambert Strether Naked Capitalism In fact, it’s not clear there is another ideology, which is why we get seemingly weird policymaking processes like RomneyCare morphing into … Continue reading Neoliberalism Expressed as Simple Rules