Wittgenstein Posthumously Solves the Species Problem

On a longstanding problem in biology and how philosophy helps by Massimo Pigliucci Philosophy Now edited by O Society April 12, 2019 Biologists and (some) philosophers seem to share an obsession: they apparently never tire of discussions about the nature of biological species. What exactly is a species? If you happen to enroll in graduate studies … Continue reading Wittgenstein Posthumously Solves the Species Problem

What is Truth? Philosophy must be Useful

For Wittgenstein and the Vienna Circle, much of philosophy was mere nonsense. Then came Frank Ramsey’s pragmatic alternative. by Cheryl Misak Aeon Jan 23, 2019 Vienna in the 1920s was an exciting place. Politically, it was the time of Red Vienna, when the municipal government experimented with radical democratic reforms in housing, healthcare, education and worker’s rights. … Continue reading What is Truth? Philosophy must be Useful

Wittgenstein on Religion

In the case atheism vs religious belief, Ludwig Wittgenstein is called to the stand. Whose side does his testimony serve? by Stephen Law Aeon Jan 3, 2019 When contemporary atheists criticise religious beliefs, they usually criticise beliefs that only crude religious thinkers embrace. Or so some people claim. The beliefs of the sophisticated religious believer, it’s suggested, … Continue reading Wittgenstein on Religion