Psyched at The American Psychological Association

A trip to the convention of the APA revealed an attempt to get back into Guantanamo, after a scandal with the CIA and Pentagon, and a profession that is enamored with its own power, reports Michael Brenner. By Michael Brenner Consortium News October 19, 2018 A convention of professional specialists is always revelatory – if not always … Continue reading Psyched at The American Psychological Association

It’s a Conspiracy! …but what if it is?

During the mid-1960s, there was increasing public skepticism about the Warren Commission findings a lone gunman, Lee Harvey Oswald, was solely responsible for President Kennedy’s assassination, and growing suspicions top-ranking American leaders were involved. So as a means of damage control, the CIA distributed a secret memo to all its field offices requesting they enlist … Continue reading It’s a Conspiracy! …but what if it is?

Rejecting Politics as Science

Rejecting Politics as Science Marxism, Popper claims, is analogous to the psychological theories of Adler and pseudo-sciences such as astrology. Attempts to present political systems as scientific are increasingly regarded as old-fashioned: the "common sense" view suggests that politics is not scientific, cannot be reduced to a set of principles such that it can be … Continue reading Rejecting Politics as Science