10 Ways the Democratic Party Will Fustercluck This

by Paul Street CounterPunch May 17, 2019 David Cay Johnston was right to title his 2018 book on the Trump presidency “It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration is Doing to America.” Trump is a creeping fascist train-wreck – an authoritarian disaster whose lawyer recently argued in federal court that Congress has … Continue reading 10 Ways the Democratic Party Will Fustercluck This

Glenn Greenwald interviews Tulsi Gabbard

https://youtu.be/iYgfj0OcHjk   Glenn Greenwald interviews 2020 Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Ever since Tulsi Gabbard was first elected to Congress in 2012, she has been assertively independent, heterodox, unpredictable, and polarizing. Viewed at first as a loyal Democrat and guaranteed future star by party leaders — due to her status as an Iraq War veteran, a telegenic and … Continue reading Glenn Greenwald interviews Tulsi Gabbard

Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton 2.0 and it won’t end well this time either…

His is the vaguest and most centrist of battle cries: let’s go back to, you know, ‘all those good things’ by Arwa Mahdawi Guardian edited by O Society May 5, 2019 Joe Biden wants to make America straight again. “America’s coming back like we used to be,” the former vice-president told reporters in Delaware on Thursday, … Continue reading Joe Biden is Hillary Clinton 2.0 and it won’t end well this time either…

Does the Democratic Party Prefer Trump in the White House?

by Paul Street Truthdig edited by O Society April 26, 2019 No matter what Donald Trump tweets, no matter how his hand-picked attorney general, William Barr, spins its findings, Robert Mueller’s report is a referral for impeachment. Mueller felt constrained by Justice Department guidelines holding that a sitting president cannot be criminally indicted. To make … Continue reading Does the Democratic Party Prefer Trump in the White House?

Nihilist in Chief

The banal, evil, destructive reign of Mitch McConnell written by Alex Pareene  New Republic edited by O Society April 5, 2019 In the midst of this January’s historic, senselessly-protracted government shutdown, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decided it was time to put forward his vision of how government should properly function. So he took to the … Continue reading Nihilist in Chief

All About Pete Buttigieg

Only accept politicians who have proved they actually care about people other than themselves… written by Nathan Robinson Current Affairs edited by O Society April 4, 2019 Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is being hyped as the “Democratic celebrity” of the moment. Buttigieg has been the subject of buzz since 2014, when … Continue reading All About Pete Buttigieg

Money Talks, Big Time

1% Politics and the Scandals of A New Gilded Age By Rajan Menon TomDispatch April 2, 2019 Despair about the state of our politics pervades the political spectrum, from left to right. One source of it, the narrative of fairness offered in basic civics textbooks -- we all have an equal opportunity to succeed if we … Continue reading Money Talks, Big Time