Climate Crisis and Conflict Cause Immigration Crowd Surge (Conservative Moral Hierarchy 15)

by O Society April 13, 2019

One of our readers pointed out Steve Bannon – political strategist for Donald Trump and Robert Mercer, major player in the Cambridge Analytica and Breitbart stories – is currently going toe-to-toe with the Pope.

Bannon is a self-described Catholic, so what’s up with that? Shouldn’t he bow his head and defer to the Pope’s wisdom?

It’s a battle over immigration. The condensed version is Pope says, “Be like Jesus, take care of the poor and sick.” Bannon says, “But they’re not white, stupid.”

If you pay any bit of attention to the state of things these days in the world of white people – Europe and the United States specifically – you see much of the furor involves immigration. Why?

Why is it such a big deal to folks like Trump, Mercer, and Bannon to build walls and deport immigrants and stop migration and so on? What we mean is, sure, immigration is always a relevant issue for any nation, but why now is it so damn important all of a sudden?

Well, what’s going on is the powers-that-be realize their money-making schemes revolve around selling fossil fuels and weapons of war indefinitely. Oil. Bombs. Sound familiar?

Thing is, these studies done by folks at the fancy pants academic institutions such as Yale tell the filthy rich these very same money making schemes wreck the place, which inevitably leads to, you guessed it, migration, which is get the hell out of the areas being decimated by climate crisis and forever wars.

What happens next?


When it comes to their own yards, people start noticing. Such as ^ this ^ Syrian toddler migrant  in Europe and v these v Central American kids wearing diapers who get tear gassed at the American border.


And the whole thing starts snowballing into yet another self-inflicted drama.

The floods and hurricanes and bombs and tanks make people leave their homes. You got to go somewhere when your house goes Boom! So people migrate.

For example, this map uses cell phone data to show where folks who fled Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and relocated to in the United States.

And rich folks like Steve Bannon, Robert Mercer, and Donald Trump, they all know this. See, they might point fingers at the Ivory Tower studies and call these “liberal crap and fake news,” but they know.

Donald Trump knows all about immigrants. He uses them to build his golf courses and towers and work for him because they’re cheap labor and he doesn’t pay taxes on them.

Donald Trump knows these same real estate holdings are endangered by climate crisis. So he builds walls around his golf courses to keep the rising sea out.

See, rich folks like Trump figure to make money off real estate from climate crisis. Doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out the ice melts, floods the place, and there’s less land to be had for living, which makes land more valuable, doesn’t it?

See NY on this map? Of course you do, it’s where Trump comes from and his filthy rich family’s real estate holdings originate.


Folks like Bannon know they got to put the clamps on the immigrants to maintain their exclusive White Castles in our newly flooded world. White nationalism. White supremacy. White Christmas. White whatever, as long as it’s white.

The point is they know and manufacture these dramas accordingly, such as this ICE agent asshole on Fox News spreading hysterical nonsense about leprosy and smallpox caravan invasions.

If the American military industrial complex is going to continue to export war and death and pollution in places like Syria and Central America – and according to this ginormous military bill, it certainly will – then we’ll necessarily evict these people from their now unlivable homes, and they’ll want to go somewhere…

Pope says they can come in our houses once we make theirs unlivable. Bannon says, “No way, Jose!” Either way, nobody is doing a damn thing about these two big causes of migration, forever wars and climate crisis.

But hey, at least Mexico is going to pay for the wall… or  something

So when we read these stories in which Steve Bannon comes out and attacks Pope Francis on the issue of immigration, we see Bannon simultaneously accuse Pope Francis of encouraging homosexuality in the Church as well. What’s up with that?

Simple. According to Bannon, Pope Francis is not the “real Pope” because he doesn’t uphold the traditional conservative moral hierarchy:


Remember, Italy is the starting place of fascism. Mussolini. So what we are going to see is Bannon beat Francis over the head with the usual fascist stereotypes and scapegoating. Demonizing the Other.

Il Doche.jpg

Bannon is doing the same thing in Italy Trump is doing in the US. Undermine the moral authority of your opponents by calling them “socialists, homosexuals, dirty immigrants…” on and on it goes.

None of this so-called “alt-right” stuff is new. It’s the same old hateful cliché shit in a “new and improved” package. Combine the Conservative Moral Hierarchy with a Scarlet Letter and what do we get? Badges. Stinking Badges.

Concentration Camp Badges and their Meanings


Shape was chosen by analogy with the common triangular road hazard signs in Germany that denote warnings to motorists. Here, a triangle is called inverted because its base is up while one of its angles points down.

Single triangles

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