Saving Snow Leopards in Russia

by O Society April 1, 2019

You will notice the O Society header image changed. Another place you can see this image is Naked Capitalism. I read their page daily. Suggest you do as well. Here’s something from their page today (they are fellow snow leopard lovers as well as economics people):

In Sailugemsky National Park, the snow leopard population has found an unlikely ally – ex-poachers.

Their knowledge of the animal’s movements and trap-setting was once used for hunting, but has now been reclaimed to monitor snow leopard populations thanks to a World Wildlife Fund project which began in 2015.

Camera traps are used to monitor the snow leopard, which have seen a rise in population.

BBC – Saving snow leopards in Russia

And here is where the lovely header image comes from. Not sure who the photographer is. Does anybody out there know?


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