You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something Stupid

by O Society March 25, 2019

One of our readers has this emotional reaction to the Mueller report’s failure to indict Donald Trump on charges of Russian collusion:

“Moral of the story: Never believe anything in the NYTimes or WAPO or CNN or MSNBC or ABC or NBC or CBS. Fox news had it right from the beginning and is the only news for most Americans. Most Americans never believed the allegations against Trump. We need a Deplorable Pride Parade to gain respect.”

^ That ^ is not the moral of the Russiagate story.

The NYTimes just published William Barr’s Summary of the Mueller Report here and this guy wants us to “never believe anything in the NYTimes” does he?

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Including this very Summary of the Mueller Report, which gets your beloved great leader off the hook scot-free?

It’s in the New York Times, isn’t it?

Water is wet, and in other news, Fox News is Donald Trump’s personal propaganda engine. This way leads to white supremacist Disneyland. Hubris is what got us here.

The Disneyfication of America


The moral of the Russiagate story is skepticism.

Read or Download Network Propaganda as PDF here

Someone else asked what the best news source is to watch/ read.

I have no idea. The question itself shows a lack of understanding on the part of the question asker. There is no ONE you should rely on exclusively that is THE BEST.

This WINNING!!! mentality generally ends up in intellectual laziness.

The Infantilization of Western Culture

We all know people who keep to their filter bubbles. These folks imagine everything they need to know is in the New York Times, by definition. The appeal to authority.

We all know people who keep to their echo chambers. Utopian safe spaces mean one never has to consider dissenting information, other than that which comes from the burning of a hypocrite strawman. Such folks imagine Rush Limbaugh is always Right.

In other words, don’t trust anyOne, especially yourself. Don’t go look for the One you want to hear.

WINNING!!! is the path down magical thinking to its 31 assorted flavors of delusion.


Don’t just get a second opinion, cultivate a hundred media sources. Relying on one is a recipe for simpleton pie, be the ONE Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity, or my dog Frodo.

Keep in mind, the majority of media are owned by the same people.

Suggest looking at different sources rather than believing any one of them alone dispenses “The Truth.” Good luck with that!

media-bias-chart-thisoneLooking at ^ this ^ Media Bias chart, what do we see?

Looks like someone assumed this media bias thing is a normal distribution. Gaussian.

So the person making this chart tried to get their data to fit this bell shape.

However, the data don’t actually fit this shape.

Instead, it’s skewed right, by Breitbart and Fox News and the Daily Caller, and so on, which is exactly what this big mess on the right side of this image from Network Propaganda means:


Note: There is NO comparable LEFT to balance the Right in ^ the above diagram ^

It’s no blooming bloody mirage. American mainstream media is skewed so far to the right, effectively, there is no left presence in American mainstream media. Network Propaganda details how this happened.

No authentic left-wing voice is  heard at all by the vast majority of Americans. Instead what we get is actors the likes of Rachel Maddow and Hillary Clinton pushing identity politics.

No, the New York Times and Washington Post are not “Left-wing media.” No, HillBillary Clinton are not “left-wing” politicians.

No, Barack Obama is not called a “socialist” anywhere else in the world. Only on American reality TV echochamber Land of Make Believe does this nonsense grow wings and fly.

This misconception is the result of decades of Rupert Murdoch conjuring up an imaginary bread and circuses bogeyman for his bloviation Don Quixote of the month to joust.


No, Huffington Post is not  “left-wing media.”

World Socialist WebSite is left-wing media: The CIA Democrats

In any case, we see a “normal distribution” very frequently in the world, so it is a “normal” looking graph. We expect to see this kind of thing.

If you look at the link on normal distributions again, it discusses “being skewed.” Not being “skewered” like shishkabob.


If a graph is skewed, then it is not really normal because it is not symmetric, and so on. Looking at mirror images, the right side is bigger than the left side, or something else is not “normal” about these data.

Therefore, we can look at any individual media source (e.g,, MSNBC, CNN, & Fox News), put it somewhere on the curve, and say it is on the “left” or the “right” side, or alternatively, is it in the middle.

This normal distribution says in America, most media should be in the middle.

This should be common.

What I am asking you is whether or not this is true of America right now. Is it?


My response is no, it is not. Why not?

The whole chart is shifted to the right, such that the right side is bigger than the left side.

Most big corporate media such as Washington Post and New York Times are in the Center. They are centrists.

Yes, there are big corporate media on the right too, such as Fox News.

2018 Ratings: Fox News Is the Most-Watched Network on Cable for the Third Straight Year

However, there are no big corporate media on the left. Ask yourself “why?”

Because left wing advocates public television, exactly like what Public Broadcasting System (PBS) used to be in the US. Big Bird and Cookie Monster teaching everyone to read! Nobody cared if you’re black or white or yellow, Republican or Democrat or Independent, because kids need to know how to read. All of them!



Hence, we can say the all-American media chart is not really “normal.”

Instead it is “skewed right.” Yes it is.

It wasn’t always this way. No, it wasn’t.

Fuck off Rush Limbaugh and the rest of you propaganda artists, you’ve mucked the whole thing up and now people are stupid! That’s what Big Bird says the graph tells us, doesn’t it?

Sorry if this seems pedantic and you already know all this stuff. If you can grasp the meaning – which is simple, yet people argue like hell about it anyway – then you are already way ahead of the average American citizen’s understanding.

You are smarter than a 5th grader… or at least you can be, if you are willing to do the work it takes to overcome your own confirmation bias.

People are going to have to put things such as this:

Swiss Propaganda Research

and this:

Baloney Detection Kit

and this:

Manufacturing Consent

and this:

Propaganda Classics

into our toolboxes. No one is going to do it for you. So do it yourself. Read.

I guarantee you’ll understand what’s going on here with Trump and Clinton and all the rest of this mess if you do. Guaranteed.


It’s Black Flag for your mind. Kills roaches dead.


This is what this website O Society is about. We want to talk about this political stuff in a way which makes us smarter than the average 5th grader.

By request, here are links to suggested mostly-not-fake political news sources.


Let us be crystal clear: Hillary Clinton and John Brennan concocted Russiagate. This is obvious to any objective observer:

Whose Stupid Idea Was This Anyway?

However, the fact Hillary Clinton and John Brennan are liars does not in any way imply Donald Trump and Fox News are legit by default. Donald Trump, Fox News, Breitbart, Infowars, etc are fun house reality distortion infotainment for easily amused and easily angered Americans who can’t think straight.

The Size of the Amygdala In Our Brains Affects Our Political Opinions

The fact person A lied to you (A here being the NYTimes, Washington Post, etc) does not mean person B (B here being Fox News, Infowars, etc) is telling you the truth.

The “you must choose A or B” set up such as ^ this ^ is what is known as a false dichotomy, as we’ve gone over many times here at O Society.


The truth is there is now and always have been more than two alternatives.

Moreover, answers A and B are both wrong.

Therefore, the answer is C.

C is Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both criminals who lie to us constantly to further their own selfish interests. None of the horses in the race are “WINNERS.”


2020 Vision: If Nobody’d Run, They’d Have Won!

The race cars are all LOSERS in the Tell-the-Truth 500, as is anyone gullible and credulous enough to believe any of the tales the grifter families called “Trumps” and “Clintons” spin and disseminate to the public through their propaganda media.

Fox News is a different propaganda outlet than is MSNBC. They are both still selling poorly-written sit coms aimed at different audiences.


Politics is a team sport in America. This does not make the Red team or the Blue team full of WINNERS.

On the contrary, this situation makes everyone playing the game a buffoon for suspending disbelief in the first place. None of the narrative we are sold is anything other than a confidence game. Anyone stupid enough to believe in the virtue of either of these two teams is a rube.


Yes, Red team members are rubes. Yes, Blue team members are rubes. The only way to not be a rube is to not join the Blue team or the Red team in the first place.

The Birth Of Fuckery: How To Think About Donald Trump’s Lies

Might as well believe Gilligan is finally going to get everyone off the island using two coconuts and a couple pieces of bamboo. It’s reruns, folks, reruns.


This is why I warned everyone to drop the Russiagate narrative  over two years ago. It will backfire.

Trump will use his “victimhood” and the victimhood of his white supremacist “deplorables” to win re-election in 2020.

I told everyone to drop the ridiculous Spy vs. Spy “Treason!!!” crap and focus on reality. His finances. Follow the money. Trump University. Tax scams. Money laundering. Shady real estate deals.

People refused to listen. They wanted blood. So they made up a make believe narrative. The Russiagate “Trump is a 007 Russian Agent” narrative is every bit as juvenile and ridiculous as the “Obama is a Kenyan Muslim” narrative.

It is too late now. Trump is bulletproof following the Treason! bullshit.

Welcome to hell. America’s ego brought us to this moment. Unless some serious ego deflation occurs in the average American, this is going to get far worse before it gets better.

2020 is going to add four more years to our collective Trump imprisonment.

And yes, I told you so. Years ago. There was a different path to chose. We chose the way of lowest common denominator stupidity instead.

Ironically, the only way Trump possibly could win was for us to rubberneck his manufactered drama train wreck. Which we obliged. Now he is almost certain to win again.

Congratulations, America.

We’re all WINNING!!!

5 thoughts on “You’re Never Too Old To Learn Something Stupid

  1. If you found O Society, you are on the right track. The key here is ego deflation. Confirmation bias is insurmountable as long as collective narcissism rules America.

    One suggestion:

    I try not to play favorites with media sources. That said, Russia-gate proved Consortium News is simply better than everyone else at pointing out propaganda in real time as it occurs, and even prior.

    Here CN warned us Russiagate was coming before the Nov 2016 election occurred:

    And here CN nails the broad outline of what Russiagate is and whodunit two years ago:

    Countless more examples from VIPS dating back to calling out the bullshit that was the WMD in the Iraq invasion:

    Consortium News is as solid and credible as it gets, which explains exactly why no one has heard of them.

    Yours in the struggle
    ~ O


  2. Great read. It sums up what I believe pretty much.

    The concept of the overton window is something that should be understood and kept in mind when watching so-called mainstream news.

    What is popular among Americans is not always popular on TV (weird…). And the converse is also true.

    Personally, I like watching independent media like the Jimmy Dore Show. I recommend it to everyone. A lot of sense is made on that show. And you don’t have to worry about corporate sponsors influencing opinions.

    Anyways…I can write in this comment box all day but…..gotta go!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Indeed. The Overton Window is skewed right in America for the last 40 years beginning with Ronald Reagan, followed by Bill Clinton doing his Ronald Reagan impression, up to our current moment.

    McCarthyism and Russiagate are same story, different centuries, different TV channels


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