Even a Broken Clock…

by O Society Jan 1, 2019

Remember when Barack Obama was president? Remember there was a large contingent of Americans who believed everything Obama did and said was wrong?

Q: How do you define the word “wrong?”

A: Why, it’s simple. Obama did it. Therefore, it is wrong.

Remember that little gem of unassailable circular logic?

It’s called Derangement Syndrome.

Well, we have it again, except the difference is the large contingent of Americans is now composed of the other half of the country, who believes everything Trump says and does is wrong. By definition.

Except when it’s not. Sometimes even Trump makes a mistake and gets something right. Tells the truth. Makes sense. Accidentally on purpose.

For example, here we have Rudy Giuliani, fabled teller of truth which isn’t truth.

Here we have a video of Truth Slingin’ Rudy on the Truth Network

Now, Rudy says some things. The point here is to remember, even if you think Rudy is nuts (he is), and you think Rudy represents a guy who’s nuts (he does), there are still two letters I want you to focus on. The letters “O” and “J.”


There is an entire generation who missed this epic non-event. OJ and the White Bronco. Yep, it’s been 25 years now.

So for those too young to remember, here it is in a nutshell: OJ went Ginsu II on his wife, Nicole. Even though OJ was guilty, he got off. Why?

The lawyers made the trial a three-ring circus. Forget it, it was four rings. Under the Big Top was racism. And so the trial became about racism instead of whether or not OJ murdered his wife, Nicole. If you need more background, watch the movie.

The point is the trial became about whether or not LAPD is a bunch of white supremacist, Rodney King beating, racist SOBs. Hence, whether or not OJ actually murdered his wife, Nicole, became irrelevant by the end of the trial.

This is what happened with Trump. Same same. He’s been riding in the White Bronco for the past two years with Rudy driving. And we’ve all been gawking. It’s a re-run, folks.

So forget about whether or not Rudy is telling the truth in this new interview on Fox News. Truth is not relevant, because this is Hollywood. Washington DC. Same same.

Now, here’s Rudy:

“My ultimatum is put up or shut up, Bob (Mueller). I mean, what do you have? There are those of us who believe you don’t have anything on collusion. And by the way, if you did, it’s not a crime so what the heck are you doing?”

“Do you have anything that shows the President of the United States was involved in as conspiracy to hack the DNC with Russia? Of course you don’t.”

Don’t do it! Remember, I said forget about whether or not it is true.

Focus on how Rudy is framing the conversation. Yes, it is true OJ killed his wife, but remember, eye on the ball, who’s on trial here is Mark Führer and LAPD… so what’s the frame?

Rudy is talking about collusion. And maybe Rudy is right, collusion isn’t a crime. And maybe Rudy is wrong, and a crime is whatever Congress says it is. We’ll cross that bridge…

In the mean time, what Rudy is doing is reminding everyone this is about collusion. Why? Because collusion’s what it’s been about since the moment Hillary Clinton started going on and on about it.

and that’s a problem. A big one. What if there’s no collusion?

Bob Woodward: I Searched Hard for Two Years, No Evidence of Trump-Russia Collusion

What if?

Peter Strzok Lets the Cat Out of the BAG: “There is no there, there on Russiagate.”

What if Trump is not Putin’s puppet?

Yes, I know Trump said something about building a tower in Moscow. He’s Donald Trump. That’s what he does. Builds towers with his name on them. In NY and in well, everywhere. That’s what Trump does. Put his name on stuff in big gold letters.

What do you think The Wall is about?

To Trump, it’s about building a structure thousands of miles long with his name on it. The Great Wall of Trump. It’s what he does. So what?

He talked about building the tallest building on the continent and putting his name on it. That’s not collusion.

That’s Trump acting as if everything in the world deserves to be a monument erected to satisfy Trump. Again, so what? He’s a dick. It’s a phallic monument to a guy who is a dick. And?


But… but I hear the people shouting, “Thou dost protest too much, Trump!” in their best James Earl Jones voices.

That’s what they say. The very act of Trump denying collusion means he’s guilty of collusion. We’ll talk about Kafka trapping another day. We’re talking Hamlet here:

“Methinks thou doth protesteth too much about thine own lack of collusion, Trum-pet!”

He does. A lot. Trump says, “No collusion!” basically every day.


Everyone knows it. Why would he try so hard if he weren’t guilty to start with? Feeling guilty, are you Trump? Hmmm…. are you then?!?

Nope. He doesn’t feel guilt. It’s the illusory truth effect. And he’s using it. On everyone. All of the time.

Yes. I know Trump has no idea what any illusory truth effect is. He doesn’t have to know the technical name for it.

He just repeats something over and over and over.

And people believe it. Basically because it is so familiar and ingrained, it’s real.

Even if it isn’t. Get it?


They do. The Big Lie. They get it. It, I say, IT!

The frame. Doesn’t matter if OJ did it or not. The verdict is “Not Guilty.” That’s it.

Once there is no smoking gun produced – and there won’t be – of collusion between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, working together, plotting and planning to install Trump in the White House as Putin’s stooge… we’ve all seen the propaganda, folks.


Once that happens, the whole thing falls apart. The House of Cards.

But didn’t Trump do this and didn’t Trump do that?

Well, yes, of course he did.

Trump stole tax revenue on half a billion dollars.

Trump paid at least two women for sex, which might be a campaign finance thingy.

On and on it goes. Hell, I’ll bet we can find some evidence both Trump AND Giuliani are involved in some money laundering schemes if we look hard enough under the right rocks.

The problem is going to be once the “No Collusion” statement is true, then nothing else Trump did or didn’t do is going to matter.

Now back to Rudy:

GIULIANI: But if you do, put out a report or give it to the Justice Department. Let them review it. Make sure it’s not classified or whatever. Put out a report. We’re ready to rebut it. I’ve — I’m — had the report ready for two months that we can show no — we can definitively …

FOX NEWS: We’ve heard it might — Mueller might be coming out in February. Is that what you’re hearing or what — what’s your sense?

GIULIANI: Well, I mean, oh gosh almighty. First he was coming out in March and then in May. And then — and then he — and then he — we’re — we’re — we’re in, now, the fourth degree of separation from the non-crime collusion. We went to the non-crime obstruction of justice. That didn’t work out for him.

So then he moved on to campaign contributions — which, by the way, are not violative of the campaign finance law. You can pay a judgment or a claim against you that’s not a campaign expense. The Edwards case determined that. That’s another non-crime they’re investigating.

Now — and then — and then they’re — then they’re looking at now the — the Russia tower. Well, they should go to Moscow. There is no tower.

FOX NEWS: Right.

GIULIANI: It didn’t get built. It didn’t get beyond a non-binding mutter of intent, which is like a wish. And so, OK, Bob. Let’s forget those other three. What — what have you got on — what do you have on collusion?

FOX NEWS: Exactly.

GIULIANI: Because if you don’t have a darn thing on collusion, the whole thing is a phony.

And that’s going to be the ballgame, folks!

There is no evidence Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin. After two years of digging and finding no collusion, witchunt, etc etc. people are going to be done with this.

It isn’t going to matter what crimes Trump actually DID, simply because the Promised Land we’ve been promised as a nation is the crime Trump DIDN’T.

But Russiagate! Mueller Time! WikiLeaks! Bots! Hilllarrryyy!

Now back to The Rudy Show:

FOX NEWS: You recently said accepting stolen property is not a crime anyway in another interview. And some thought you were opening the door to the idea that stolen property in the form of hacked e-mails may have been accepted by the Trump campaign, or you were trying to say that …

GIULIANI: No, no, no, no, no. Here — here — it’s a First Amendment issue, right? It — it isn’t a stolen — I mean, it is stolen property but it has a different nature when it’s information. So let’s take the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers were stolen property, weren’t they? They were stolen from the Pentagon.

FOX NEWS: About the war.

GIULIANI: If it’s in The New York Times and The Washington Post, nobody went to jail in The New York Times and The Washington Post. We’ve had revelations during the Bush administration, the …

FOX NEWS: Abu Ghraib prisoner.

GIULIANI: … Yes, Abu Ghraib. All the — all of that is stolen property; it’s taken from the government against the law. Once it gets to a media publication, they can publish it. They can publish it for the purpose of informing people. Well, you — you can’t put — you can’t put Assange in a different position. That — he was a guy that communicated (ph) — you may — we — we may not like what he communicates but he was a media facility. He was putting that information out. Every newspaper station grabbed it and published it.

FOX NEWS: But there was not coordination, you’re saying …


FOX NEWS: … between the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks?

GIULIANI: None. None. I was with Donald Trump day-in and day-out for the last four months of the campaign. He was as surprised as I was about the WikiLeaks disclosures. Sometimes surprised to the extent of, oh my God, did they really say that? We were wondering is it true? And they never denied it.

The thing that’s missing here is — the thing that really got Hillary is not so much that they were revealed, but they were true.

She actually had people as bad as that and she really was cheating on the debates. She really was getting from Donna Brazile the questions beforehand. She really did completely screw Bernie Sanders. Every bit of that was absolutely true.

Just like the Pentagon Papers put a different view on Vietnam, this put a different view on Hillary Clinton.

FOX NEWS: So you maintain …

GIULIANI: And prevented the country from getting a president who was deeply flawed. Not right to hack, still a crime. People who did it should go to jail. But no press person or person disseminating that for the purpose of informing did anything wrong.

And there you go. Clinton’s emails are real. This is a huge problem for her. She rigged the election against Bernie. Then she bought the Steele Dossier and turned John Brennan loose on Trump. Bread crumbs are everywhere, all over her mouth.

And to sew up the loose end dangling, in the 2001 Bartnicki v. Vopper case, the Supreme Court decided a journalist publishing information cannot be held liable for the actions of his source.

Therefore, Assange’s responsibility here is to make sure what he publishes is true and that it is newsworthy. It is.

The Obama administration decided they could not prosecute Assange without going after the NYTimes and Washington Post too, because they also published WikiLeaks material.

On paper, Assange is in the clear. He qualifies as a journalist. Hell, me typing this argument right now probably qualifies me as one. Anybody can be one! That’s the beauty of it. First Amendment. Freedom of the Press. It’s going to steamroller anything else in a real courtroom.

So Assange’s real problem is what happens if he meets with an “accident” such as a bonesaw in the embassy or he falls out of the plane on the ride to the US. Stranger things…

In the mean time, Bartnicki v. Vopper is our precedent for trying Assange in court.

So yes, even a broken clock is right two times a day. Giuliani is correct this time and that time.

Rudy may not know if the truth is the Truth, but he’s right about these two things:

1. You can’t use Assange to play connect-the-dots between Trump and Putin because Assange hasn’t done anything illegal in publishing true newsworthy accounts.

2. When you can’t connect-the-dots, Trump is going to walk on the collusion charge.

As long as this scandal is framed this way, this is going to be the outcome. Remember, impeachment is a political crime. It’s OJ time. Court of public opinion rules the day. Illusory Truth Effect, check.

And by framing the Get Trump investigation in this Russia-gate way, Clinton, Brennan, and the gang chose the wrong crime. It may be the only one Trump is *not* guilty of.


Trump was getting paid millions as a three-year-old kid. Here we are 70 years later, and nobody bothered to do anything about he and his family’s long history of fraud, graft, and nepotism. It’s not a secret, folks.

This kind of stuff is legal because politicians get paid to legalize theft. It’s their job. And the rich folks don’t want us poking around in this mess. Who knows what we might find if we follow the money?

Trump is a living, breathing cliché. He didn’t invent any of this corruption, he just makes it impossible not to notice his corruption. You can be damned sure the oligarchs who patronize your local congressmen don’t want to talk about it.

So when Trump walks, don’t blame Rudy or Donald. Blame the idiots who messed up our real chance to Get Trump on tax fraud, racketeering, money laundering, graft, the stuff we usually get gangsters on.

The glove fits. Acquit. The hair comb-over. Legit.

It’s going to be a travesty of a mockery of a sham. It already is one.



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