“You Don’t Fire the Coach Who Won You the Super Bowl!”

Ha ha ha ha! Can’t stop laughing today. Dunno which one is funnier…

Here on one hand, we have a self-respecting journalist – or something – who works for this bastion of liberal virtue, called the Guardian, as in The Gatekeeper of Truth, and this journalist person Lauren Gambino allows herself to be used as a sock puppet to mouth these words:

“It was her stewardship that secured a bank bailout to halt the global financial crisis at the end of George W Bush’s presidency. Under Barack Obama, Democrats moved an ambitious domestic agenda in 2008, that included the Affordable Care Act, stimulus spending and climate change regulations.

“You don’t fire the coach after you win the Super Bowl,” Nadeam Elshami, Pelosi’s former chief of staff said.

Hahahaa! or on the other hand, this guy who just NOW is catching on Donald Trump is a living professional wrassling show. Daniel Warner. He says

In one of those gotcha epiphanies, I realized that the wrestling supporters I was watching were the same people whom I had just seen hooting, yelling and vilifying at Trump midterm rallies. Same type of dress, same visceral reactions to the performance they were witnessing. While one group was screaming “Lock her up,” the other was raising posters that read “Die Rocky Die” or “Unleash the Fury.” The screams at Trump rallies – where posters are carefully screened – are similar to the violent signs at WWE events.

Ya think? There is no there, there. Let that one sink in a little…

Ok, where to begin? At the beginning. Usually try to maintain some dignity and decorum and diplomacy going on here at O Society, using big words as we were taught to do in school. Ahem.

To hell with it. It’s a holiday weekend. Let’s tell it like it is, shall we?

Look around you. Politically speaking. Is there goddam confetti raining from the sky on your head – just you – you being the BIG WINNNER!!! in all of this? Well is there?

Like Pigpen. Except instead of dirty, you got Winning Big political confetti following you around everywhere you go. While you dance a jig


So you’re doing The Pigpen Hoedown, having a bigtime hootenanny barnburning jamboree kneeslapper right there at home in your own living room, aren’t ya?

The ship not only came in, the ship brought his three sisters, and guess what? All three of ’em look like what’s-her-thing. The latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

Here. All three look like this…


And you’ve just won the Super Bowl and you are doing the Pigpen Hoedown with Three SI models ’cause your ship just came in and… what?

What do you mean Nancy Pelosi is 80 years old?

And she “helped” me by bailing out the bankers in 2008 while we all lost our homes…. to the bankers… who were gambling… on the mortgages… of our houses… whom Nancy Pelosi helped bail out as a reward for stealing everyone’s homes… and she decided not to impeach Bush or Trump because it isn’t proper… and California just burst into flames… again.

Yes. We are all stunned Nancy Pelosi raised $120 million.

No. None of that money is yours. It’s Nancy’s.

We spent it all on confetti. Or something.


This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife. How did I get here?

Nancy Pelosi? She’s the one constant between Trump and Bush and Obama and the GOOOD TIMES?

And we should be thankful. For that.

Sitting here looking at Trump. And 9/11. And bank bailouts.

This is what I get for my crummy votes?

That’s not WINNNING!!! the Super Bowl lady, that’s amoebic dysentery.

So on the other hand, the guy just now realizing his fellow Americans had their minds cleverly replaced with Folgers crystals by Donald Trump… yep.

Your Breakfast at Epiphanies is correct. The so-called “president” is literally a professional wrassler, or the Boogeyman behind the couch, or both

“Rather than thinking about the “deplorables,” I had chosen to ignore them.”

If we had all ignored Trump – like we used to do back in the ’80s – he’d finally shut up and go away to Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or something.

But we didn’t. And we don’t. Now it’s nothing but Trump TV all the time for eternity.

Thanks, for that!


Still the same old Donald, isn’t he? Babbling brook, that one.

Donald, the shallow end of the gene pool. The baby pool. The yellow end.

Is Donald supposed to fire her? Is that the big reveal? After the Super Bowl?

Nancy, You’re fired! Is that what we’re supposed to be waiting for?

I dunno. I quit watching 10 minutes into the first episode. It’s a re-run.

That’s the State of the Union, folks. This is what you get in return for your patriotism.




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