Life Expectancy: Echochamber Friday

Make sure we don’t become frogs in a well. Welcome to Echochamber Friday.

I posted a serious story this morning, about how the life expectancy amongst white Americans is decreasing. White America is Dying Existential anxiety. Trump personifies this fear for Americans.

So moving on to something more cheerful. Life expectancy. The first article in the news feed which caught my eye is on Elizabeth Hurley. She expects to look like this at age 53, so let’s hope she makes it to 106. She’s with some Woody the Cowboy guy in the header image, Ambassador to Toy Story. And here’s Hurley with Woody’s wife, who’s checking Hurley’s ovaries to see if she’s still bearing children. No word on Woody’s wife’s age.


Anyway, Woody’s Johnson is ambassador to Ireland Baldwin, and they’re all standing in front of a portrait of Curious George Washington. You didn’t notice George, did you? Figures.

Robert Mercer met Trump at the Long Island home of the New York Jets owner and fellow GOP megadonor Woody Johnson. Trump soon told Steve Bannon he would become CEO of the campaign, agreeing that Kellyanne Conway, now a White House counselor, would become campaign manager. Within days, Manafort was ousted from the campaign, and Bannon and Conway were publicly named to their positions.

And that’s how Donald Trump’s craptacular presidential campaign was saved by Rebekah and Robert Mercer – who owned Breitbart, Cambridge Analytica, Bannon and Conway – at the home of one Woody Johnson. Without this meeting, Trump would never have won the election.

Thanks for that, Woody! Ambassador to Merida.


Careful with the spice there, Merida. Folding time and space ain’t easy.

That makes this a political post. Ambassadors. Presidents. Life expectancy. ‘Merica!

Happy Echochamber Friday, where we turtle out of our shells to see what Americans are looking at in the news. It certainly isn’t Noam Chomsky. We’ll have more on people doing excellently for their age or something next…

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