A Dress: Echochamber Friday

Make sure we don’t become frogs in a well. Welcome to Echochamber Friday.

In today’s newsfeed is this woman wearing a dress. The headline reads:

Model ‘heartbroken’ after being turned away from Louvre for her outfit

My first thought is… her dress reminds me of this lamp.


Which begs the question, is the Louvre in Fragile? Italy. Art. Museum. I think so…

Headline says, “she’s heartbroken.” Seems to have a tattoo of her heart she’s wearing on her sleeve there, or where her sleeve would be if her dress had sleeves.


My next thought is what big giant grande… cappuccinos she has!

And lookit how nice she is, why she’s bought one for her invisible friend to sip as well.

Lovely, dear. So… are we supposed to be figuring out what color her dress is and taking sides? You know, that blue/ white viral thing that happened?


Are we supposed to join team blue or team white?

Team let-her-in or team kick-her-out?

Let’s read the story and find out, shall we? First line says, “An Australian social media influencer is making headlines after she was reportedly turned away from the Louvre because of her outfit.”

What the hell is a “social media influencer?” Does she influence kids to use social media? Looks like Instagram. Is that the one the kids are on now? I dunno? Maybe she influences people to go to the Louvre. Creates scandal. Who knows? I haven’t got the patience to figure this out.


You know Echochamber Friday is when I lookit the Yahoo! newstream a bit to see what people are talking about, right? What’s interesting. We find a dead pimp politician who won office, an Acosta news guy accosting a White House intern in a fake viral video, and this leg lamp look alike. At least 2/3 had something to do with politics. We try…

Speaking of the Louvre, many nice works of art there. Here’s what’s her name, the broken armed one…

Venus. Yes, I know it is Venus, jackasprin! De Milo. Here’s another of Venus De Milo from the Louvre, and here she seems embarrassed to have misplaced her dress entirely! No worries, nice little cherub angel fellow seems to be looking for it…


And so that’s all the time we have for Echochamber Friday, trying to figure out what people are reading about so we can stay cool and in the loop too… and influence.

Yes. That’s what we do here at O Society, we influence!


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