Midterms 2018 & the Battle of the Non-Player Characters: Echochamber Friday

Ok, now for something completely different. With the realization we all tend to read the same news sources from the same authors in the same places with the same people frequently, we’re going to do something not-the-same to remind us to get out of ourselves.

Today, we’re intentionally going to look at some pieces we may not like and which may offend us and we may not agree with. On purpose. To see how “the other half lives” and make sure we don’t become frogs in a well. Welcome to Echochamber Friday.

This next piece appears to be a typical piece of trolling around the Conservative/ Liberal identity false dichotomy in America. Some guy called Robert Bridge thinks the gamer trolls on 4-chan are  brilliant for coming up with this non-player character meme.

Well Bob… they’re either brilliant, or they just play too many video games and confuse real life with the mental masturbation of joysticks.

So here’s Bob’s NPC rant (which normally I wouldn’t bother to read because it’s… ah… I-know-you-are-but-what-am-I teen trolling meme nonsense), followed by a piece on this NPC subject from Caitlin Johnstone (who is not Caitlyn Jenner).

She kindly saved me the trouble of exposing the ridiculous hypocrisy which defines our banal American pastime: publicly playing the Conservative/ Liberal game. Gracias!

NPC Meme Deserves ‘Person of the Year 2018’ for Exposing Liberal Automatons


Nothing hurts more than the truth, and that adage goes far at explaining why the Liberals self-imploded upon being confronted by their hideous reflection in the NPC avatar.

by Robert Bridge Strategic Culture Oct 25, 2018

First conjured to life on 4Chan and Reddit message boards, the NPC meme, represented by a crudely sketched stick figure that comes in a variety of persona, was designed as a method for portraying those well-known character traits the right has come to associate with their leftist alter-ego.

The term ‘social justice warrior,’ while loaded with mockery, derision and cynical overtones, failed to nail the dark heart of the matter. What was needed was a meme that exposed the liberals’ superiority complex that is so out of control it lets them believe that by just getting out of bed and showing up for a protest legitimizes their cause and anything that follows.

Thus, the right, which still enjoys the weapon of comic genius combined with computer prowess, supplanted the SJW tag with an innocuous-looking meme that eventually burrowed its way under the fleshy underbelly of the left until it was writhing on the pavement in painful spasmodic convulsions. The arrow was deadly because it carried the ultimate poison known as truth.

For the uninitiated, NPC stands for ‘nonplayable character’ or ‘nonplayer character,’ a term borrowed from the gaming community that describes those characters in video games whose only pre-programmed function is to wander about the screen eliciting generic, robotic remarks. Sound familiar?

This meme successfully captured the essence of the left to such a degree that it forced Twitter to go on another search and destroy mission, suspending hundreds of accounts thought to be associated with the army of dangerous stick figures.


Although every organization, political or otherwise, can be accused of operating to some degree inside of an echo chamber, the groupthink that has taken over the Liberal brain is disturbingly reminiscent of that which dominated past totalitarian movements: a high level of emotion and even violence substituting for critical thinking; refusal to debate political ideology with its ‘enemy’; religious-like belief in the sanctity of its endeavor. This groupthink – minus the ‘think’ – is even willing to carry out the most heinous commands of its leaders with dogged devotion.

Democrat darling Senator Maxine Waters, for example, harangued a crowd of her supporters to “get out and create a crowd, and you push back on” Trump officials whenever they are seen in public places, like restaurants, shopping centers and even gasoline stations.

Needless to say, this is the very definition of madness, and it speaks volumes about the people who applaud such lunacy since, I am guessing, it will eventually be the Liberals who are hounded in public by Republicans when they try to enjoy a dinner with their family. Two can play such a fool’s game.


The NPC meme provides a mirror image of the Liberal in that they, or at least the ‘they’ who has been allowed to hijack the party, cannot articulate their position beyond the scripted ‘reality’ they have duly received via the corporate-owned, government-saddled mainstream media, late-night standup buffoons (the Colbert, Kimmel and Oliver stooge show), and the duplicitous Democratic leaders who have convinced both themselves and their constituents that Russia is the reason yet another corrupt Clinton is not desecrating the Oval Office.

There are intelligent Liberals of course. But they’ve been pushed out of the spotlight, silenced by the screaming horde running on autopilot that poorly substitutes for cognitive life forms. In the meantime, American society must deal with a brat pack of withering snowflakes whose sense of political duty is so steeped in self-righteousness, hypocrisy and outright thuggery that college campuses are no longer the domain for advanced learning, but rather incubators for breeding brainwashed automatons who would rather let Antifa lead them astray then let Anne Coulter give a talk on campus.

Similar to the religious inquisitors of the Middle Ages, these individuals consider it below them to hear the arguments of their opponents lest their soft brains be exposed to some blasphemous idea. Will these mentally stunted students be given a life-time supply of diapers with their diplomas?


These miscreants, who rank themselves as human-loving activists, are really nothing more than part of a Soros-paid rent-a-mob who brandish freshly printed cookie-cutter placards and get paid to stir up trouble at every opportunity. There is no sense of a grassroots undercurrent that is guiding this rabble along its tortuous path.

That much was plainly seen at the Senate hearings for Brett Kavanuagh when Ana Maria Archila confronted  Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake in an elevator, ranting and raving that Flake was helping to put someone “who actually violated a woman” (the lack of evidence does not stop the modern Liberal from hurling slanderous mud balls) on the Supreme Court.

Turns out that Archila is not your average lunatic; indeed, she is co-executive director at the Soros-funded Center for Popular Democracy (CPD). And perhaps it was just coincidence too that a CNN news crew just happened to be on the spot to catch all the action.


Does any of this Liberal craziness pass for ‘democracy in action?’ Hardly. In fact, it is symptomatic of a nation that some might argue is healthy and energetic only because it is writhing and screaming on the floor with convulsions. Much of this is due to the fear and loathing that the Liberals have injected into the nation’s political buttocks ever since they lost in 2016.

Similar to the aftermath of 9/11 when any idea could be superimposed onto the national psyche, which had been greatly traumatized and primed for mischief, the same could be said for the Liberals, who are willing to accept any rubbish just so it helps them defeat the Republicans. Victory for victory’s sake is not a political program, but a transparent power grab that enough intelligent Democrats should be able to see through. The fact that they cannot is exactly why Liberals were awarded the NPC avatar, which will not be going away anytime soon.

If the meme fits, wear it. In any case, I’ll be voting for the NPC meme as ‘Person of the Year 2018,’ that much is for sure.


Midterms 2018: Battle Of The NPCs

by Caitlin Johnstone Oct 25, 2018

The NPC meme has gone mainstream. Reports by major mass media outlets like theNew York Times and the BBC have turned it into a viral sensation, and now everyone and their grandma knows about the meme used to spoof mindless followers of liberal media herd mentality programming.

Any venture into the fray of the political Twittersphere now comes with a twist of alternate accounts with gray-faced profile pictures bleating things like “Orange man bad” and “#IMPEACH” in cartoonish mockery of the repetitive lines used by the rank-and-file opposition to Donald Trump.

And it’s great. The foam-brained mainliners of MSNBC and Washington Post propaganda deserve to have their unquestioning faith in establishment narratives mocked at every turn, and the propagandists who promulgate those lies day after day deserve to be lampooned.

One of the most fundamentally profane things a human being can do is turn over their mental sovereignty to the institutions and agendas of the powerful, and by allowing themselves to be indoctrinated into establishment narratives that is exactly what is happening. They abdicate their rightful position as a creative participant in this world and allow their mental processes to be transformed into a looping churn of ideas manufactured in some DC think tank for the benefit of a few billionaires and their lackeys.

Interacting with such indoctrinated minions can be very much like interacting with an non-player character (NPC) in a video game. Read the comments section of any popular social media post about Russia or Julian Assange and you’ll see the same three or four spoon-fed talking points repeated over and over again like the “I took an arrow in the knee” guys in Skyrim.


If you begin engaging these mechanical regurgitators, you’ll find yourself having the exact same conversations, often verbatim, which just so happen to be arguments promulgated by Rachel Maddow and Seth Abramson not long before.


This happens because an echo chamber has been carefully and deliberately designed to streamline ideas into the heads of Democratic Party loyalists without any interference from outside narratives causing cognitive dissonance. On November 2, 2007, John Podesta wrote an email to billionaires George Soros, Peter Lewis, Herb and Marion Sandler, John Sperling, and millionaire Steve Bing with a detailed and structured overview of material the group had covered during a meeting they’d had in September. Click ‘Attachments’ and then ‘2008 Combined Fundraising, Message and Mobilization Plan’ on this WikiLeaks release to read the full document, page two of which contains the following passage:

Control the political discourse. So much effort over the past few years has been focused on better coordinating, strengthening, and developing progressive institutions and leaders. Now that this enhanced infrastructure is in place — grassroots organizing; multi-issue advocacy groups; think tanks; youth outreach; faith communities; micro-targeting outfits; the netroots and blogosphere — we need to better utilize these networks to drive the content of politics through a strong “echo chamber” and message delivery system”

And on page four:

Create a robust echo chamber with progressive messaging that spans from the opposition campaigns to outside groups, academic experts, and bloggers.

NPC (1).jpg


Of course, the only reason Democrats and their plutocratic puppet masters have been working so hard to control political discourse is because Republicans have been using the echo chamber dynamic so effectively against them. During the Bush years it was fascinating to interact with American conservatives because of the way all the pundits on Fox and AM radio would all start saying the same thing about a given issue at the same time, and by the next day all the rank-and-file Republicans would be repeating their input word-for-word in water cooler conversations from coast to coast. Right wingers forget this, but the term “echo chamber” was originally popularized to refer to the wayRepublicans had successfully streamlined information from think tank to pundit class to rank-and-file conservative media consumer.

Indeed, many of these same right wingers who are going around talking about what hollow, unthinking NPCs liberals are show up in my social media notifications regurgitating think tank-manufactured arguments which have been funneled into their minds by the still very functional GOP echo chamber. It’s beyond me how anyone can see themselves as a sovereign free thinker while believing they’ll be fighting the deep state by voting for Republicans in the midterms or that this administration’sneoconservative warmongering in Iran is perfectly legitimate, but God bless them, they manage.

Both Democratic and Republican party manipulators alike now aggressively control the partisan groupthink within their ranks, because they and their plutocratic owners understand that whoever controls the narrative controls the world. Rank-and-file #Resistance NPCs bleat that Trump is Putin’s puppet and Julian Assange “can leave the embassy whenever he wants” like good little automatons, and MAGA hat-wearing NPCs bleat that their president is “fighting the deep state” and it’s important to elect Republicans because a group of migrants is heading toward the US border right before the 2018 midterms.


The latest “caravan” community planning to crash borderless America is not part of Latin America’s problems; it’s escaping them. So say America’s low-IQ media.

In reality, the only people who benefit from Democrats or Republicans controlling the US government are the plutocratic class which owns them both. The #Resistance is an astroturf movement manufactured in DC by establishment manipulators to harness the grassroots energy of the Bernie Sanders movement, and when you strip away the adoring narratives of his supporters and the hysterical narratives of his political opponents, Trump is not significantly different as a president from his predecessors. Both are posing as organic grassroots populism. Both are artificial manipulations staged to herd the public into supporting establishment politics for the benefit of the powerful.

At this point, anyone who still believes either party actually represents their interests is an NPC. No matter what happens in the midterm elections (traditionally a retaking of the House by Democrats and possible gains in the Senate as well, but given Democrats’ fondness for failure lately who knows) the only real winners will be the plutocratic class which holds all the cards and controls all the outcomes regardless of which party is in power. I’m not telling people that voting necessarily makes no difference or that it’s something they should avoid, but I am saying that no real change will come to America until Americans uproot the two-headed one-party system of the oligarchy and replace it with something that serves them.

Until that happens, nobody who believes that giving power to either party will help them is really playing the game. The Democratic and Republican parties are two fists on the same boxer using the same one-two punch combination over and over again, and the person that they are punching is you. You don’t win a boxing match by choosing which fist you’d prefer to get hit with and leaving yourself open to it as often as possible, you win it by fighting the actual boxer. This fight is already currently underway whether you choose to fight back or not. The bell has already been rung and you’ve been eating leather for a long time now.

Don’t be an NPC. Get those gloves up.

(Header Image: Meghan Markle wears macaroni necklace given to her by this kid in Australia called “Gavin.”)




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