The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The Democrats’ Left Turn by Thomas B Edsall New York Times Oct 18, 2018

Today, we’re going to skip the foreplay. Here’s the money shot:

“The dominant role of well-educated, relatively upscale white Democrats in moving the party to the left reflects the declining role of the working class in shaping the party’s ideology.”

Upscale Democrats… moved the party to the left… wait for it… away from the working class.

We upscale folks have moved the party to the left, away from the working class ideology.

These people are bonkers. The definition of the left *is* working-class ideology.


Thomas B Edsall 

It isn’t just the Fox News crowd who intentionally doesn’t know the difference between a nazi and a communist. Its the New York Times crowd. The so-called experts telling all the so-called “well-educated Democrats” what to think and believe.

Our national political discourse is sabotaged, perhaps beyond repair. We don’t know the difference between socialists and nazis, democrats and socialists, or right and left wing.

Make no mistake, these people sow stupidity, misconceptions, and just plain wrongness on purpose. The big word for this is agnotology. It’s the new American pastime.

What Edsall says in his article linked above is a lie. His claim contradicts itself. He has been writing about this staff for decades, and more decades. He knows better.

This is what the left means.

“The Left” does *not* mean “liberal Hillary Clinton cult of virtue followers, political correctness, NYTimes readers, MSNBC watchers, and identity politics,” no matter what you are told on the radio, TV, or internet.

Or by writers such as Edsall or Paul Krugman or Thomas Friedman at the NYTimes. If you use critical thinking skills while reading what these people write, you cannot help but to conclude they are borderline state propaganda artists herding the groupthink in a predictable direction.

Thank you. Have a nice day.

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