Change the Subject

Since the beginning, the American media have been guilty of letting one Donald J Trump control the message. What does this mean?

Trump says what he wants, about whatever subjects he wants to tell us about, when he wants to say it, in a medium he controls.

Twitter. It’s his never ending campaign rally. 

The biggest mistake the American media ever made was allowing tweets – of all things – to become the heart of our American newscycle.

An intentionally limited 144 characters of babbling shit. Trump does not have to respond to questions this way. Trump does not have to elaborate this way. It’s one way communication. Trump dictates. You listen. An authoritarian Twitter megaphone.

And the American media go along with it. They have since the beginning.

Press conferences? There are no press conferences. Why don’t the “real media” demand real press conferences. Not Huckleberry Sanders. Truth be told, Trump sent out the ugliest woman he could find to speak for him to troll the media. Forget being PC for a minute. You know it’s true. Kellyanne Conway looked rode hard and put away wet too.

And they let him. The media let him.

Trump nukes and paves the playing field this way.

Trump not only leveled the field of engagement, he dropped a stupid bomb on it.

The resulting crater allows any opinion and half-baked crap to enter the field of serious discussion.

Talk about important issues? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Lookit! Trump’s got a taco salad!!!

Why did the American media do it? Because they are lazy. The stories write themselves this way. Check Trump’s Twitter feed. What 5th grade level statements did he make today?

Write about that. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

Pretend you are shocked. Pretend to be offended.

Y’all ever see All in the Family? Archie Bunker did this act decades ago, and he was actually funny. This? This Trumpet show? It’s boring. It’s watching your drunk uncle Donnie remake Archie Bunker, but he’s forgot half the stereotypes.

What is the answer?

Don’t talk about what Trump talks about. Ignore it. Don’t write about it. Don’t celebrate it. Don’t give him and his minions the attention they so crave. What they say just isn’t important enough to contemplate. 

Why is Donald Trump and what he has to say important?

Why, nobody knows! We just know the media pays a heaping helping of attention to him, so he must be important!

Why, he’s important for being important!

Circular logic makes sense to those selling the same old scams precisely because people buy it.

Anyone with two neurons to rub together and make a spark has seen from the beginning, the media has been Donald Trump’s willing accomplice from the outset.

For money. For ratings. For advertisers.

There is only one way to beat Trump. Change the subject. Change the subject to something he can’t discuss. He cannot talk at a college-educated level. Truth be told, he couldn’t handle my kindergarten-age daughter, who wouldn’t put up with his nonsense long enough to be baffled by it.

Talk about real policies. Real people. Real issues. Do not talk about what he wants you to talk about. That is the certain path to Hades. To the land of the lowest common denominator.

When the world ends, it will be because we chose not to change the subject.

Instead, we chose to drown in the banal cliché of trite Twitter tweet twats.

~ O Society 

Change the Subject


2 thoughts on “Change the Subject

  1. “The Democrat led House should …. “. How many decades have people been saying this about the democrats? If they want to take back congress they should …. If we know what they should be doing if they are serious about taking control of congress then they certainly know it too. So why don’t they do that? Because they have no intention of rolling back anything that the republicans have been doing. Just look at how many democrats have been voting for Trump’s cabinet picks. His extreme right wing judges. Recently Schumer has been making deals with McConnell to appoint the judges that he refused to do during Obama’s tenure. Why didn’t the democrats do everything in their power to make him do it? And don’t tell me it’s because they are the minority party. There are many procedural procedures that they can use to make republicans work with them. And yet they aren’t using them.

    Democrats could have stopped Kavanaugh* From given a hearing, but they didn’t. Why not? Because they want the same things that republicans want. It’s time for people to face this fact. Why did democrats lose 900 seats at the federal and state levels? Because they wonked on passing universal health care. They could have passed any legislation that they wanted to because they used reconciliation which only needed 51 votes to pass. Instead they let the republicans water it down so that it was just a give away to the insurance companies.

    Until people realize that there is only one party in this country which is the elite’s party they will continue to get what the elites want.


  2. Indeed. It’s been going on uninterrupted for so long, most people seem to have forgotten things used to be different. Bill Clinton’s triangulation agenda destroyed what integrity there was in the Democratic party, once upon a time. At least that’s when the wheels fell of the wagon for me.

    Bill Clinton’s Five Major Achievements Were Longstanding GOP Objectives


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