America Has Become Even More Dangerous

by Gordon Duff NEO Oct 10, 2018

The confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh by the US Senate may seem unremarkable to the three dozen or so nations now targeted by US sanctions and impending “color revolutions.” The list has expanded, India, China, and Russia of course, but in truth, there is no end to the list. The issue is world conquest, and the unanswered questions are “by whom” and “for what purpose.”

The mechanism, military and financial war, “hard and soft war,” as they call it in Washington, only can be achieved with total control of America’s political system. The only way this can occur is with rigged elections, a congress and presidency under control as well, and the Supreme Court of the United States ready to overrule any tries to reinstitute democracy or reform.

This is how it is, now with Kavanaugh, worse than ever, and how it has always been. America was never intended to be a democracy. When the Constitution talks about “equal protection,” were they referring to states like Wyoming, Montana, and many others where as few as 100,000 people have one senator, while states like California, New York, and Florida have as many as 20 million people with a single senator?

If truth be told, of the 100 senators, nearly half represent regional corporations like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Boeing, Archer Daniels Midland, or dozens of others. Multi-national conglomerates need protection in order to support global interests, peddling toxic or experimental products like Monsanto’s GMOs and cancer-causing Roundup herbicides.

These senators vote on treaties, confirm mob-owned Supreme Court justices like Scalia, Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Thomas who masquerade as “Conservatives” while serving war industries, oil, banking, and global crime syndicates.

Do remember, it was the Supreme Court that in 2010, by a 5/4 vote, legalized unlimited corporate bribery of American politicians under Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, and put George W. Bush in office, though unelected.

The catastrophic condition of the world today can be directly tied to the US Supreme Court.

Past this, it was the Supreme Court that has protected torture and military tribunals and has allowed up to 3 million Americans to rot in prisons, many of them privately owned, most having confessed to crimes without trial rather than face indefinite detention in filthy jails. America’s Supreme Court not just privatized prisons, but militarized police who war on the American people, and has sold the justice system as well.

Americans accused of crimes have their assets seized without due process, denying them legal representation, and can be jailed for years when only charged with crimes whose normal penalty is a few days in jail. Only by pleading guilty, and giving up their voting and gun rights, can they ever hope to be released.

If those targeted genuinely represented a threat to national safety, it would be one thing. But these insane practices target journalists, free speech advocates, community leaders, teachers, organized labor, and any who threaten to expose government corruption.

Gutting the power of the electorate, such as it is, is the process (approved or ignored) by the Supreme Court of “redistricting” or “gerrymandering.” Congressional districts are reconstructed to eliminate “opposition party” candidates. In America, the “opposition” representing a minority of representatives is the Democratic party who garnered 63% of congressional votes in the last election but lost power due to this bizarre gerrymandering process.

At current levels, only 18% of American voters control Congress. Voters from America’s most backward and racist regions.

Kavanaugh’s appointment and confirmation by a rigged US Senate is intended to protect this process, a process necessary if Washington is to continue its wars around the world. With total control of the media, there is no real reporting of public opinion, which otherwise only could  be expressed through rigged elections for candidates chosen under an equally secret process, representing bizarre and misshapen districts.

The intent is to create the false impression of a “liberal v. conservative” dialectic based on “hard working decent Americans” against minorities of social and criminal misfits defended by “liberals” who would empower a chaotic and violent rule.

This fake narrative is reinforced by “on demand” terror and mass killing events, one after the other, all never investigated, each more absurd than the last.

Any exposing this process are banned from social media, their YouTube and Google/ Facebook accounts erased, or even attacked in the mainstream media as malcontents, Russian agents or anti-Semites.

Any legal recourse against this, of course, is blocked by the United States Supreme Court.

The court has a strange history, having been created by the Federalists, now considered by cutting edge historians, whose works are censored by media and universities, as agents of European power brokers. The Supreme Court was created as part of the 1787 constitution, which was originally written without the Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 amendments.

Originally, no individual freedoms were guaranteed at all, not press, not trial by jury, nothing. America was to be governed by the wealthy and powerful through a fake triumvirate which included a senate appointed, not elected, who confirmed a court that ran everything. The president was chosen by “electors,” and the House of Representatives was elected by the people, though its districts could be erased or engineered to eliminate “troublemakers.”

Members of the House served for two years, but nothing could be done without the Senate whose members weren’t elected at all, and served for six years. The Senate was and is a “millionaires’ club.”

Behind it all were ruling families, such as the Cabots and Astors, more appropriately Italian “black nobility” families, the Cabotas and Astorgas, who ran opium and the slave trade in partnership with the London banks that ruled Europe. The Supreme Court was their “hammer” when the government attempted to cross them, as Presidents Jackson, Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt found.

Joining them were the Palenzuela banking family out of Warburg, Germany, who’s agents were J.P. Morgan and, wait for it, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Samuel P. Chase, founders of the banking empire Morgan Chase, Chase Manhattan, and later Chemical Bank. Later this “black nobility” run conglomeration would be joined by the Mellon Bank. Richard Mellon Scaife, during the later 20th century, would use his position to rig financial campaigns and spend millions to finance a covert legal war on the Clinton family. Newly ordained Justice Kavanaugh was employed by Scaife in his anti-Clinton efforts along with Ken Starr. Starr was promised the Supreme Court nomination that his underling, Kavanaugh, in the mob war against the Clintons, managed to secure. This is real history, not history written in books, but true and accurate all the same.

Melon-Scaife’s mantle was picked up by Las Vegas/ Macao gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, reputed “owner” of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Adelson is the single largest contributor to American politics and primary beneficiary of the Supreme Court’s 2010 “Citizens United” decision.

It is this kind of corruption that empowers a small nation like Israel to abuse the sovereignty of its neighbors, and even openly attack Russian forces, as we saw in September 2018.

Precursors were, of course, the Rothschild owned Bank of New York, run by Alexander Hamilton, which was challenged by a reform-minded competitor, owned by Vice President Arron Burr.

When Burr killed Hamilton in a duel in 1804, a sitting Vice President of the United States killing a former Secretary of Treasury, it was over Burr’s war on the Federalist banking cartel run by Hamilton, and its efforts to block construction of water treatment facilities in New York City to stem a typhoid epidemic.

You see, depopulation and genocide had long been a policy of the powers behind the court, played out in killing millions of America’s aboriginal first peoples, and played out today in Gaza and the West Bank, in Syria, and around the world.

If America is to be feared, it is the ultimate and unchecked power of a Supreme Court, where currently 6 of 9 justices are deeply compromised by multi-generational criminal organizations.

While touting “conservatism,” America internally can expect poisoned air and food, defective medicines, poor working conditions, unfair trials, a war on public education and access to medical care.

This has always been the real root of “conservatism.”

Externally, brinksmanship and war on behalf of the “unseen hand” that created and always has stacked the court with moral reprobates and human mediocrities, more than threatens world order. It may well threaten all of mankind. As he enters this powerful and “august” body, Kavanaugh only joins several of his own kind.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of  Veterans Today

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