Noam Chomsky: Hopes and Anxieties in the Age of Trump

Finally someone else said it out loud. I agree completely with Chomsky’s take here. Decrease tensions with Russia. End the endless “Impeach Trump” saga. We don’t need convoluted reasonings to reach these conclusions. We don’t want Trump blowing up things, including us. So stop encouraging him to do so. That’s it. Thank you.

Duck and cover for 4 years, hope Americans learn some lessons about ourselves from this scam government, and become willing to change. People need to learn this lesson well or we’ll just repeat it again later. It could be worse. Next we’ll end up with Oprah Winfrey or Hulk Hogan or Dwayne Camacho as president.



Hope and Anxiety in the Age of Trump

~ Saul Isaacson, Foreign Policy Journal

Q: About Trump. Are we at another one of those key pivotal moments featuring a president with a trigger finger, and more and more nations with nuclear weapons?

Noam Chomsky: Well, you know, Trump is a deviation from standard political history. He doesn’t even consider geostrategic issues. He doesn’t care what the hell he’s doing. If he smashes up the international economy, fine. If he throws out NATO, who cares?

The only thing he cares about is himself, literally, and everything he’s doing follows from just the recognition he’s a narcissistic megalomaniac who wants to make sure, you know, he’s on top. He wins everything.




And he has to keep his base under control. And he’s very good at it. He knows exactly what buttons to push to maintain his angry following. He’s shafting them at every turn. Just take a look at wages. Since he’s come in, real wages have declined. They were actually starting to rise under Obama, and they’re starting to decline.

But he’s keeping them in line. And the way he does it, by just doing one crazed thing after another, which looks as though he’s defending us. And they’re passionate. They revere him.

So, you take a look—and on nuclear weapons, actually he’s got the best position of any politician in the country. He’s saying we should reduce tensions with Russia. And he’s making moves to allow the Koreans to move slowly towards denuclearization, and it’s perfect. And that’s what everyone, including the Democrats, is denouncing him for.

Q: Do you think those gestures are sincere?

NC: No, of course not. Nothing is sincere. But, you know, it’s like a clock that nobody wound. It’s right twice a day.

The liberals should be praising him for that and supporting it, but instead, they are so insane they’re attacking him for the few things he’s doing which make sense. Of course, we should reduce tensions with Russia. Of course, we should allow Korea to move towards denuclearization in a sensible way.

Try to find one liberal commentator or political leader who’s supporting him on that. The one person who’s supporting him on that is the strangest guy in Congress – Rand Paul. I mean, it’s crazy.



Q: Do you think Trump is more likely to use tactical nuclear weapons than other presidents?

NC: Well, I think the danger with Trump and nuclear weapons is something else. If this Mueller investigation ever comes up with something, which I doubt very much, but if it comes up with something that implicates Trump, everybody’s in trouble because he’s going to react like a maniac. Might try to start a war in the United States. He might start using nuclear weapons. He might do anything. Anything that goes after him personally is very dangerous.

So, again, I think the liberals are out of their minds on this. What they want to do is implicate Trump, you know, threaten to impeach him, at which point he could go crazy. And he has a lot of power. Maybe the military wouldn’t follow his orders, who knows? But they might…

What Chomsky is talking about with “Trump could go crazy if they try to impeach him” is a phenomenon called “narcissistic injury/ rage” (What Happens When the Narcissist Begins to Lose?)



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