Greetings Earthlings!

If you have joined us recently, please be aware this site in new, only a moon or two old, so basically we have no idea what we are doing yet.

O Society is for and of political skeptics.

The name comes from Karl Popper’s work.

The news and views here come both from original content as well as pieces cultivated from other websites.

We began this site because reading the news made us angry and depressed. Politics has this effect.

Thus, it became a goal to generate a politically-oriented newstream with information stripped of its cupidity and mendacity and commercialism. Stuff which didn’t insult our intelligence or ask for our debit cards.

The layout is inspired by this gizmo that changes pictures of Donald Trump into kittens. Folks were complaining the internet looked like downtown after the Stalin and Hitler minions had been by with the propaganda posters. Trump’s face everywhere. So here, an effort is made to replace images of Trump (and other politicians) with entertaining images of animals, as well as cartoons and so on.

Add some animal pics, music, art… give us things to see and hear while we read which help us to smile and laugh… and there you go. That’s O Society.

We hope to be constantly evolving with the goal of getting as close to the truth as we are able. Please have a good time and call us out whenever we sell out or say things that are stupid.

We’d appreciate that!

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