And Now, Your Moment of Good News…

There’s been an avalanche of forest fires, impending market crashes, and wars in the making falling out of the computer screen each time I turn it on. So now, for your moment of good news:

Remember Sinclair media? The army of darkness, synchronized talking heads…

The automaton hijacking of your local news station has been interrupted…

Tribune Media breaks off $3.9 billion merger with Sinclair

And there was much rejoicing!

felicity feline

Here’s Rosie the Riveter now with your gratuitous body shop ratchet shot to celebrate the occasion!

Looks like we’ve done 50+ news/ politics pieces here at O Society and I don’t remember a single piece of good news previously. So you’ll have to forgive the eye candy indulgence, as we simply don’t know how to celebrate here…

Anticipating the complaints sure to come from all of our two readers here at O Society, here is a random Australian firefighter koala hunter to balance the coverage… er, lack there of. Enjoy!


Always promotion equality here at O Society. Unlike Sinclair…

Remember when this story broke?

How America’s Largest Local TV Owner Turned Its News Anchors Into Soldiers In Trump’s War On The Media

According to the merger parties, there is one less propaganda monopoly in America.

This is especially important for us to celebrate because it is likely to pass under the radar. The national news media often get their stories from these local media stations who do the direct reporting on news events in their area.

In other words, if the Sinclair bots took over, they’d start every story with an alt-right bias, so the national media would have to rewind on every story derived from Sinclair reporting. Sinclair is seeking to normalize far-right media, such that their brand of “fake news” is the most conventional – YIKES!

Maybe Sinclair will get sued behind this development as well. If so, we’ll have some more pics of scantily clad global warming victims here to celebrate later…

Tribune Media announced Thursday that it has terminated its $3.9 billion merger agreement with Sinclair Broadcasting and that it has filed a lawsuit for breach of contract.

The merger would’ve created the largest local broadcaster in America. Now, Tribune will likely sell its stations to another local broadcaster, and conservative-leaning Sinclair will likely pursue other deals to acquire more local stations, as its CEO Christopher Ripley suggested during an earnings call Wednesday. 

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  • Tribune seeks damages “including but not limited to approximately $1 billion of lost premium to Tribune’s stockholders” as part of its lawsuit.

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