Let’s Distract Them with Trump the Chaos Monkey

The people in charge of America cultivate political discord. It isn’t going anywhere.


It is intentional strategy. Divide. Conquer. Us. Them. The trick is to get her riled up calling him a “stupid liberal” while he calls her a “stupid conservative.”

Let folks have the illusion of choice, meanwhile, use the manufactured drama to maintain the status quo.

Trump isn’t an anomaly. He’s the personification of this elite-manufactured strife and chaos.

How else could three people – Bezos, Buffet, and Zuckerberg – own more than half of all Americans put together with no pushback?

Umm… three people have as much money as 160,000,000 Americans, many of whom now live below poverty level. In what sort of world is this fair?

The result is regular ordinary people are too busy fighting amongst themselves to grasp what is going on and take action against this mendacity and cupidity.

While the media focus on Trump’s latest bizarre ‘news worthy’ antics such as some hysterical tweet, the people around him are dismantling everything that benefits the population. The super-rich elite gets everything it asks for, so stock markets are going up.

Stock markets have little to do with the actual economy and the welfare of the vast majority of people, they are mostly an indicator of how well the super-rich can suck the blood out of the working population. The majority of Americans do not own stock.

The Stock Market is not the Economy.

Trump’s Twitter vulgarity, constant contradictions and outrageous actions serve one purpose: to create chaos and distraction while the Republicans take a wrecking ball to the institutions that serve the good of the common people:

Trump’s role is to ensure the media and the public attention always concentrates on him. He’s a conman, a showman, and in order to maintain public attention you have to do something crazy. So everyday there’s one insane thing after another. And while this show is going on in public, in the background, the wrecking crew is working.



Who Benefits from Trump’s Chaos?

Elites have always used a climate of fear to push their own agendas.

More than any other group, elites take the initiative and reap the benefits of political fear. By elites, I mean those figures of influence who own or control the lion’s share of power and resources, who are well positioned to act politically on their own—and society’s—behalf.

Elites cherish the material components of privilege but also believe that they are entitled to privilege. That belief is sustained by their larger image of the political cosmos, in which their high standing is equated with the well-being and survival of society.

Inequality, in their eyes, is not simply a ladder of inequities but a form of rule, in which those above expect and receive deference from those below. It is that rule, in the minds of these elites, that makes for social cohesion and civic vitality. Without it, all would be lost.

This is nothing new for Trump.

Within this chaos, Trump is able to distract from the pertinent issues and control discussions, typically keeping these at a lowest common denominator level. With all the attention on himself, he then amps up hysteria from his base: “Look at how the liberals persecute me! But I’ll keep fighting!!!”

For Americans media-trained to be paranoid, right-wing extremist, take all criticism personally, and believe your way of life constantly is under attack, this strategy gave Trump street cred: Trump’s the guy who will “tell it like it is” and take on the liberals.

It’s a shell game, of sorts: Trump creates the chaos, controls the discussion, then presents himself as the savior for the chaos that he himself caused in the first place. This is classic pathologic behavior.

You can see it working right now, with Trump’s brutal policy of separating migrant children from their families. Trump creates a humanitarian crisis, blames it on liberals for not protecting the border. The “unsecure border” is Obama’s fault, despite the fact Obama Deported More Immigrants Than Any President in US History

Trump simply is getting the Republican agenda done, an agenda whose primary purpose is to protect traditional socio-economic privilege, and ultimately, to give more wealth and power to the class of elites who control our fate. An agenda such as this tax scam has dire consequences, however, within a capitalist system that works only for profit with no substantial checks and balances to corporate power and avarice.

Since the 1970s, scientists at Exxon Mobile have been — we now know they’ve been made public, forced to be made public — they’ve been producing severe warnings to the leadership about the effect of the use of petroleum on destroying the environment. So they all know about it, but they’re not doing anything about it, which is a level of criminality that is almost hard to find words to describe.

I mean here are educated well-off, rich people, upper elite, who know that what they’re doing is destroying the prospects for organized human life, and do it anyway because they make more profits today.

Can you think of an analog for that in human history? I really can’t.



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