Charlie McCarthyism

Now I ain’t no Russian spy or Commie or nuttin’. Shouldn’t have to say that, but these days people hurl charges of Putin lover and treason and espionage at their fellow Americans if one starts asking basic questions. Wearing my red, white, & blue PJs as I write this.

So here’s a basic question:

How come when Putin says, “Don’t trust me or Trump or our disinfomation.” I believe him? This is true. I don’t trust either one of them. Both gangsters.

So how come when Americans tell me I should trust Mueller and Brennan and Comey and the rest of the bunch, they look at me funny when I reply, “Why in the hell would I do that?”

Is it un-American to say American intelligence agencies are full of shit as often as not? That’s their job, people. C’mon man! They lie as much as politicians do, maybe more.

Maybe time for America to stop with the magical thinking.. That’s pretty much how we got here in the first place. Believing whatever “makes us feel good.”


Putin’s most telling answer of the press conference may have come in response to a question from a U.S. reporter about why Americans should trust Russia’s denials of interference in the election:

“As to who is to be believed, who is not to be believed, you can trust no one,” Putin said. “Where did you get this idea President Trump trusts me or I trust him? He defends the interests of the United States of America. I do defend the interests of the Russian Federation.”

A defining feature of Putinism is the extent to which Russian officials are often upfront and open about their use of disinformation for political purposes. “Trust no one” is as good a mission statement as any.

What Putin was Saying in Helsinki


Yet the alphabet soup guys keep telling us to trust them.  Why would we do that?

Have we forgotten who these people are? They are not our friends.

Make a list. Check it twice:

John Brennan’s CIA hacked Senate computers and spied on their intelligence committee.

Brennan Lied to You

James Comey meddled with the 2016 election with the damn emails.

James Comey Affects Clinton Votes

James Comey  signed off on surveillance of Americans and torture of captives.

Russiagate Mythical Heroes

John Brennan lied to you about his drone program never killing innocent civilians.


Robert Mueller makes RussiaGate last forever for a reason.

Mueller the Politician

Robert Mueller lied to you about Weapons of Mass Destruction.


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